Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge 2021

About anna

"Everyday may not be good but there is something good in everyday"

Anna, Ed's wife, was a beautiful, intelligent, inspiring 37 year old and new mother to Alba. She would light up every room she walked into with her infectious smile. She would always have the time of day for anybody. Whether it was just for a chat, a shoulder to cry on or offering guidance to people who asked for it.

In June 2017 Anna was diagnosed with bowel cancer which had spread to her liver and lungs. Alba was only 6 months old. She started chemotherapy treatment at Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital.

After three rounds of chemotherapy and some radiotherapy, Anna tragically lost her battle with cancer on 7th June 2018 at the age of 38. 

Anna showed incredible strength, bravery, resilience and kindness through her treatment and beyond. She never lost that infectious smile from her face. She continued to help people and change their outlook on life throughout her cancer journey. She truly was and still is a huge inspiration to so many people.

Throughout Anna's treatment, she was supported by the amazing charity, Victoria's Promise. They supplied her with counselling, specialist beauty treatments, cleaning services. Childcare was on offer along with wig funding. But what Anna got most out of Victoria's Promise was the Affinity workshops. Bringing together young women going through similar journeys and challenges. 

We are proud to be raising money for this charity who change people's lives with the support and services they offer and friendship groups they create.


Victoria’s Promise has been established for 5 years, filling the critical gaps in emotional, practical, physical and social support for young women who have been diagnosed with cancer. The aim of the charity is to support and empower young women, and their families through the challenges of cancer treatment.   Some of the services we offer the women are counselling for them and their immediate family, cleaning and childcare services and specialised beauty treatments including oncology massage. Alongside the support services Victoria’s Promise run Affinity workshops. Bringing together young women going through similar journeys and challenges. These get togethers remove the feeling of isolation, reduce fear and increase positivity and empowerment – all vital to their overall wellbeing, recovery and reduce recurrence. Victorias Promise are there from day one to ensure these young women can concentrate on their treatment and recovery at the same time as keeping as much stability and normality in the home.  

VP Testimonials

“The support provided by Victoria's Promise stops you feeling like a patient, like a victim. They make you feel like you're being properly looked after. I didn't think anything positive would've come out of this past year, but Victoria's Promise was that positivity. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without Victoria’s Promise.” Nadine  

“For me, Victoria Promise has given me practical support that I needed with the changes in my body, a safe place to talk and be supported by others, information and knowledge. Victoria’s Promise is not just another cancer charity, it is a network where we feel comfortable and safe, women from all different backgrounds, with the same goal. We are young and we want to live. We will beat cancer. VP is where lifelong friendships will be made..” Yvette