Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge 2021

About Us


Ed Smith

Ed, the husband of Anna, has worked for the last 9 years as a Firearms Officer in the Thames Valley and Metropolitan Police forces. After supporting Anna through her battle with cancer, Ed needed a change of direction after she passed away in June 2018 and now dedicates his time fundraising for Victoria’s Promise, who supported Anna through her diagnosis and treatment. Ed has always been a keen and competitive sportsman, representing his county at rugby and cricket and more recently has challenged himself physically as a way to raise money and awareness for charities that are close to his heart. Ed and Anna raised over £30,000 for Macmillan Cancer Research and Basingstoke Hospital by competing in The winter Fan Dance series seeing him and a group of friends battle the elements across Pen Y Fan in January 2018 and in 2019, Ed and a group of friends raced in the Montane Spine Challenger raising over £24,000 for Victoria’s Promise. There is nothing that can get in the way of Ed achieving his (sometimes crazy) goals and his unwavering determination will push the team through even their toughest hours.

Adam Green is the unfortunate Northerner in the boat. Rowing the Atlantic is an incredibly daunting

Rob Murray

Rob is the old man of the team turning 40 this year, although he looks a lot older: the last sixteen years of working as a policeman for Thames Valley Police have added many grey hairs and lines. 

Rob comes from a sporting background, having played international school boy rugby and flirted with professionalism in Bath in the late 90’s. In more recent years, 

Rob has captained Berkshire in the Rugby County Championship alongside playing for local clubs.  As his knees started to give out and the ache from Saturday’s game was found lingering in his muscles until Thursday, Rob needed an outlet for his sporting aspirations and turned to running.  Whilst certainly not fast, Rob has completed a number of marathons and Ultras as well as being a regular runner at Newbury Parkrun where he struggles to keep up with his 8 and 6 years olds, Flynn 

and Elora. 

Rob made the recent transition to a plant based diet and is hoping to row the Atlantic powered purely by plants. Rob’s greatest concern is the lack of shade in the Atlantic: he has been known to get sunburnt opening the fridge. Factor 50 sun cream is sure to be high on Rob’s packing list


adam green

Adam Green is the lonely Northerner in the boat: rowing the Atlantic is an incredibly daunting challenge, but doing it surrounded by 3 southerners takes it to an entirely different level.

Adam is a multi-skilled engineer and has worked in the Electrical industry for over 20 years managing the operation of power stations in the South of England, so his skill set will be advantageous for those unexpected boat failures.

Adam has a strong sporting pedigree and has previous rowing experience, racing in an eight and four at Reading rowing club. He switched to indoor rowing 2 years ago and has had great success coming second at the Devon indoor rowing championship and more recently ranking 5th in the world over the half marathon distance (Concept 2 rankings).

Adam’s passion for fundraising is deep rooted by how cancer has affected his close friends and family; he is willing to push the boundaries to raise money and inspire others. 


jack biss

Lives in Thatcham with his Fiancée Lucy, works in construction management and loves finding his boundaries. Knows that ‘not everyone has their bad day, on the same day’ and will make sure to have more good than bad!

Jack isn’t new to feats of endurance and having to adjust to long, uncomfortable scenarios. He’s hoping his achievements so far will pay dividends, especially during the mental aspect – learning that being able to spot silver linings, seeing the funny side, and enjoying ‘the journey’ is the key to getting over the finish line. He’s hoping to bring motivation, morale and mediation to the group.

He’s overly competitive, stubborn and isn’t sure of his limits. Starting out his physiological and psychological understanding of endurance with athletics, he spent 6 years sprint training and competing in the 400m event up to national level. The cycling has always been a big part though, with previous stats including cycling unsupported, for charity, from the UK to Turkey (2242 miles – 5 weeks), Dusseldorf (440miles – 5 days), San Francisco to New York (3142miles – 6 weeks), Ibiza (890miles – 8 days), Lisbon (1400miles – 8 days). This coupled with rowing, half marathons and Fan Dances – he’s looking to make more ‘stories for the grandchildren’ by getting across the pond in 2021.